About Silver Sage Outfitters

Silver Sage Outfitters is owned and operated by Billy and Shawna Franklin. We began our journey in 1994, taking out a handful of antelope hunters and have steadily expanded our operations to our current level which has now become a full time job.

Billy Franklin with nice buck

Southern Alberta offers the best combination of mule deer, antelope and whitetail deer hunting in all of North America and our area of operation sits right in the middle of this one of a kind hunting Mecca.

Our season starts in September with our famous mule deer and antelope archery hunts. By October, we're ready to pursue antelope with our rifle hunters and when November rolls around, it's time to rifle hunt those heavy horned, rut-crazed mule deer and whitetail bucks.

When you hunt with us, two things will be guaranteed; our level of preparation prior to your arrival and the group effort you'll be a part of during your hunt. We take the success and pleasure of our clients to heart and when necessary, it's not uncommon to have 3 or 4 guides working together for you late in your hunt to ensure your success.

With Silver Sage Outfitters you're not just a number or merely another client going through camp, you're part of the team. You may arrive as a stranger but you'll leave as a friend!

Meet the Guides

The strength of Silver Sage Outfitters is the pride that everyone involved takes in our clients success. This starts at the top of the organization with the outfitter himself and works its way down through each and every member of the staff. When you hunt with Silver Sage, you have more than just your guide to count on, everyone available will be pulling together for your success.