The Right Place for Your Pronghorn Antelope Hunt is Alberta, with Silver Sage Outfitters

Silver Sage Outfitters specializes in harvesting trophy class antelope. By trophy class we mean we set a minimum goal of 75" Boone and Crockett, which means the antelope buck you take with us will compare favorably with antelope anywhere in North America. Of the 20 plus antelope hunters we guide annually, most will harvest bucks in the high 70" to low 80" range.

group of hunters with trophy pronghorn antelope

The early antelope rifle season in Alberta is typically the last week of September and is conducted in our northern zones. The antelope rut is in full swing and the big, territorial herd bucks that you'll be targeting will be tending their harem and fighting off interlopers bent on stealing their does.

hunter with 16 inch trophy pronghorn

Through our extensive pre-season scouting, we will have located several of the biggest buck antelope in our hunting area. Given the relative predictability of mature antelope bucks, they have a vigorously defended home range of approximately 1 square mile, you will have an excellent chance of being right on top of a big, trophy buck at first light opening morning. It often times makes for a short hunt but you'll be going home with a real top end trophy if all goes as planned.

The second antelope rifle season is typically the third week of October and takes place in our southern zones, just north of the Montana border. The hunt dynamics are markedly different from our September hunt as the rut is over and the antelope tend to be in much larger, mixed sex groups, sometimes numbering 50 plus animals. Mature trophy bucks, who 3 weeks earlier would have happily been trying to kill each other, are mingling together, all the animosity of breeding season forgotten.

hunter with big antelope buck

Antelope tend to move a lot this time of year, some covering huge distances daily to reach the vast wintering areas in the south portion of the province. While pre-season scouting is less effective for this hunt, you more than make up for it in the sheer number of antelope encountered. It is not uncommon to see upwards of 250 antelope, 1/3 of them bucks, in a full day of hunting. It may make for a little longer hunt, but your chance at a true trophy is excellent during this late season and oftentimes the #1 antelope for the province is taken by someone hunting the southern zones in October.

Our antelope hunts are 3 days in length. Food and hotel or lodge style accommodations are included.

Other Opportunies

Excellent wingshooting for both upland and migratory birds is also available and can be arranged for an extra fee once your antelope has been harvested.

hunter with big pronghorn buck

Southern Alberta is one of the archery world's best kept secrets. In addition to outstanding trophy antelope, both deer species occur in good numbers and are very accessible to the serious trophy hunter. This allows Silver Sage Outfitters to offer unique multiple species archery hunts. These hunts take place in September. Our strategies include ground blinds at water holes, decoying and spot and stalk. The odds of your getting a quality shot at a pronghorn buck scoring well into the Pope and Young record book are almost 100%.

Additional options for Alberta Trophy Mule Deer hunts can be found by visiting the Double Diamond Outfitters web site.