Deer Hunting with Silver Sage Outfitters

We conduct our hunts in the game rich Prairie Region of Alberta, Canada approximately one hundred miles south-east of Calgary. Our hunts are typically conducted in and around either the Red Deer or Bow River valleys. Both mule deer and whitetail occur in excellent quantities and can be hunted in several fashions including tree stands, ground blinds and spot and stalk.

Mule Deer Hunts
Mule Deer Hunts in Alberta with Silversage Sage Outfitters

Silver Sage Outfitters offers some of the best rifle mule deer hunting in North America. We target deer in the 170" plus class and annually harvest numerous bucks in the 180"-200" range.

We hunt a huge area comprised of 10 WMUs (Wildlife Management Units) starting in early November. This is a classic spot and stalk mule deer hunt in the truest sense. You can expect to cover a lot of ground in a pickup truck, stopping frequently to glass for mulies.

Once a suitable trophy is located, the final approach is typically made on foot.

Because we hunt such a large area, the topography a hunter will encounter could vary dramatically from farmland agriculture, to rolling sandhills, to the massive coulee systems of the Red Deer, Bow or Old Man Rivers.

Though we can tailor our hunts to suit anyone's physical ability, a client should be prepared to do a fair bit of hiking to give him or herself the best chance for success.

A fast, flat shooting rifle that the client is effective with out to a minimum of 300 yards is a must (though most of our mule deer are killed at closer ranges).

White-tailed deer often inhabit the same areas as the mule deer and in some cases can be combined with your mule deer hunt for an extra fee.

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Whitetail Deer Hunts
hunter with nice buck

Whitetail hunting with Silver Sage Outfitters is a great opportunity for a hunter to access some of the biggest bucks found anywhere.

While a lot of our whitetails are taken happenstance while we're hunting mule deer, we offer a small number of high quality, whitetail only hunts every year for both archers and rifle hunters.

These hunts are typically conducted on private ranches with very restricted access and take place in and around large food plots, usually alfalfa, barley or corn.

It's your classic whitetail fare, ground blinds and tree stands, attempting to intercept bucks as they travel to and from their food sources, or as they pursue does when the rut heats up in November. Depending on what is being seen, a hunter could also expect to spend sometime traveling by truck, cruising adjacent properties looking for rutting bucks out after does in the mid day.

A hunter can expect to see good numbers of deer and will have a very real chance at a trophy in the 150" plus range. In a typical year, we commonly harvest several bucks in the 160"-170" category.

Additional options for Whitetail Deer hunts can be found by visiting the Whitetail Deer hunts web site.

Archery Hunts
hunter with nice buck

Silver Sage Outfitters provides first class archery hunts for both mule deer and whitetail in some of the finest habitat in North America.

Our hunts are primarily spot and stalk and typically involve glassing up feeding bucks early in the morning, watching them bed and sneaking into shooting range. We usually expect multiple quality shot opportunities over the course of the hunt, which is six days in duration.

Other Archery Opportunities

For an additional fee you can hunt whitetails as well on either hunt. This is usually done on a day rate after you harvest your mule deer.

During the month of September, some of the best antelope hunting in North America can be combined with the spot and stalk mule deer hunt. This combo hunt is highly recommended. Alberta is likely the best kept secret in the antelope archery world. A buck in the 75" - 80" Pope and Young category is a very real possibility.